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The UK is commonly seen as a country that stands apart from the rest of Europe, first and foremost because of its geography. Being an island off the Northwestern part of the continent, one might expect it to be less connected with countries at the opposite side of Europe or the world.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth, as Britain is a crucial territory for the airline industry and strategically placed between Eastern Europe and the Atlantic ocean. It is an ideal stopover to fly to North America or Scandinavia, and just a couple hour’s away from most Mediterranean destinations.

This is reflected in the number of companies and airports operating around the country, now catering for an ever-so-strong internal market. Recent data shows that the UK aviation industry contributes £52 billion in overall GDP as well as 960,000 jobs.

As a consequence, many of the country’s airports are thriving too, mostly thanks to the influence of budget airlines which now reach some truly fascinating destinations for a very affordable price. However, not all UK airports are on the same level so we thought we’d introduce you to the 3 British airports that offer the best services and range of destinations, driving the current boom of the country’s aviation industry.

London Heathrow

Few airports in the world can claim to offer flights from 80 different airlines to 185 different destinations spread across 84 countries. Heathrow’s figures are impressive and so is the experience for travellers who decide to depart from here, mostly thanks to the range of shops and facilities. Easy to reach with the London underground, but also convenient for drivers who often choose its meet and greet parking services, Heathrow is unmatched for variety and size.

The bold spirit of the capital is embodied by a number of Harrods stores and the Best of the Best supercars display. Parents can make the most of its renownJetterz Kids Club Lounge to relax a bit just before departure.

Manchester Airport

Voted the best airport in the UK in a survey for British travellers, Manchester airport is the UK’s third biggest and flies to 225 destinations, making it the country’s most connected airport. Living up to its child-friendly reputation, Terminal 2 offers some great play areas for families as well as the unique Aviation Education Centre, which proves that airports can also be educational. If you have some spare time before your flight, head over to the Runway Visitor Park, where you’ll be able to visit the iconic Concorde, one of the most unique airplanes ever made.

Newcastle Airport

Size is not the only factor that makes an airport stand apart from competition. Such is the case for Newcastle Airport, which flies to just 74 destinations but regularly earn praises in industry surveys for being the country’s easiest to navigate and cleanest. Punching above its weight in terms of service and facilities, the airport offers routes to New York and Dubai and is very convenient if you live in the North East and don’t want to go too all the way to London for your next international flight.

Photo Credit: UK Ministry of Defence

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