If list writing isn’t your thing, and you prefer to just go with the flow, have you ever found yourself forgetting something important? It happens, and this is why I am now the queen of list writing! When it comes to travel, I like to know I have everything covered, so if you’re not in the same vein as me, ticking off everything as you go, let me help you out, providing you with your very own travel tick list.

If you’re not in the habit of list writing for organisation’s sake, then I’m guessing you’re not in the habit of checking your flight information online before you depart either! I can’t stress enough how much of a fantastic tool this is, because it allows you to check out interesting and important facts about your flight, as well as finding out if you’re going to be departing on time. Forewarned is always better!

Print outs

Have you printed out all your confirmation emails and vouchers? Have you checked the names and spellings, as well as the dates? No? Do it! Put these in a folder in your hand luggage.

Getting to the airport

Have you even thought about this yet? Many people leave this until the last minute, figuring that it’s not the most important part of the travel day, and it will sort itself out. Wrong! If you need to book public transport, it’s always cheaper to do this well in advance, but I personally always drive myself to the airport, and find it saves money and stress as a result.


Never travel without adequate travel insurance, if you do you’re putting your health and your belongings at massive risk. It takes little time to search online for a policy, and it won’t cost you the earth if you’re savvy with the policy you choose. Do remember that the older you get, the more expensive policies will become, but if you search you can find some fantastic policies at great prices, including quality, budget travel insurance for over 65s. Remember to declare your pre-existing medical conditions, print it all out, and put it in that folder we talked about earlier.

Passports & visas

Always check you have adequate validity left on your passport for the destination you’re visiting, and also check whether you need a visa. You should do this in good time because I’m sure you’ll have heard about the backlog of passport renewal applications that happened this summer, and on top of that, sometimes visas can take a while to be processed during busy periods.

Health matters

Check with your GP in good time before you leave to find out whether you need any additional immunizations or medication for the region you’re visiting. You also need to make sure you have enough of your regular medications to keep you going whilst you’re away.

Money matters

Finally, let’s talk cash. If you’re planning on using your debit or credit card whilst you’re away, or even just in case of an emergency, call your bank ahead of time and advise them of this, giving them the dates you’re away for, and the place you’re going. This means a travel marker will be put on your account, and you’re less likely to get your cards blocked whilst you’re away, through suspicion of fraud.

Those are the main, and most important things covered, tick them off, smile to yourself that you’re as organised as you’ve ever been, and head off on your much anticipated jollies.

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