Photo Credit: DSC_7404 via photopin (license)

Photo Credit: DSC_7404 via photopin (license)

The world has become much smaller over recent years, and that is in the main down to the huge success of budget airlines. Nowadays more of us can visit destinations that a few years ago we could only dream of, because lower prices mean more accessibility. This is great news for anyone wanting to see a bit more of the world for less cash.

Despite that, budget airlines do have a few downsides, the main one being comfort, yet even this has improved massively over the last few years.

Basically it all comes down to a few clever tricks you need to be aware of, to get the most out of your low cost flight.

Cut as many costs as possible

You’re wanting a low cost flight, so of course you want it as cheap as possible, after all, if you wanted to pay more, you’d be booking business class! You don’t only have to save on your flight, it’s your overall journey you need to look at, and that includes how you get to the airport. Airparks offer fantastic rates for airport parking at many UK-wide airports, and I recently grabbed a real bargain on parking at Gatwick. Anyone able to drive should look at this idea, because you’ll not only save money, but also a world of stress caused by public transport too.

Watch the add-ons

The price you see at your original search page probably won’t be the price you end up paying as a final total, due to add-ons such as airport check-in, baggage, meals, seat selection etc. Be a little clever here and consider whether you really need to have baggage, because some airlines do let you take a lot more in the way of hand luggage, such as Easy Jet and Jet 2. With this idea, you may be able to get away with not booking a suitcase and buying your toiletries at the airport instead. The same can be said for inflight meals – buy a sandwich and take it on the plane with you.

Think comfort

Most budget airlines don’t have any inflight entertainment, so you need to give some thought to this before you leave the house. Load up your iPad and make sure it’s charged, take your earphones, or remember a good book. As for getting comfortable on the plane, take a neck pillow or eye mask if you want to shut the world out for a few hours. You won’t be in total luxury, but you will at least be comfortable.

At the end of the day, it’s about getting from A to B safely, and preferably as cheap as possible. Low cost airlines tick these boxes, so if you can grab a flight to your destination with one of these airlines, do it!

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