Recycling is not a word often used in relation to hotel reservations. Unless you’re talking about the paper it was printed on, it seems like entirely irrelevant. But the hotel industry has been learning that it’s a concept that can save them a lot of money.

Hotel reservations are cancelled by the minute. It happens as often as 220 000 times a day in the US alone! That translates to millions on a global scale. Which is why they have no-refund policies.

But even though they don’t give a refund, they’re losing a lot of revenue. A large part of a hotel’s gross income comes from money spent during a person’s stay, on things like food, drink, and entertainment.

I was completely unaware of any of this, until I stumbled across Roomer.

Roomer recycles hotel rooms


The logic behind Roomer comes from the above facts. There are millions of booked and paid-for hotel rooms standing empty all the time. They’re being wasted. The hotel loses money and the holder of the reservation loses money… all while someone else’s perfect holiday is happening without them.

Roomer found a way to match people on the verge of cancelling their hotel rooms with others who are looking for a bargain. It’s intuitive, and it makes practical sense once you realize the sheer amounts of cancelled bookings. Those “wasted” rooms are recycled, benefiting everyone.

I came across Roomer while looking for hotel discounts, and was truly surprised by what they had available. It was all in what they call their hotel-marketplace.

Low price does not mean low quality


Since the discounts are not based on problems with the rooms, they’re often top quality deals. The biggest discount when I looked was over 80% off a 5 star hotel room!

Deals like this are not uncommon. Roomer recommends a discount of at least 50%, but many sellers are willing to cut even greater losses in the hope that they’ll get something back.

The success of this system has led to Roomer gaining a great reputation. Recently, they were named by USA Today as one of the top 3 travel websites/apps.

Great customer service

Their customer service is another huge pull. Pulling these deals off requires a lot of logistical work, which they do without troubling you at all. You don’t even have to know how Roomer works in order to use it. They do the transfer of the booking, process payments securely, and make sure you’re getting what you’ve paid for.

Not only do Roomer ensure that you’re not being misled by the seller, they verify that the hotel isn’t embellishing or misleading you either.

All of this is as easy (if not easier) for you as any other bookings website. And while many other sites promise huge discounts, Roomer is the only one on which you can rest assured that the low price has nothing to do with the quality.

Getting the most from the industry


As Roomer’s service benefits the hotel and travel industry, many hotels and agents partner with Roomer, giving them access to exclusive deals even on rooms that have not yet been booked.

Very few locations are currently outside of Roomer’s reach, and that number is dwindling. This also means they’re helping the tourism industry and economy of locations worldwide.

Get recycling


Recycling hotel rooms should be your number 1 travel hack. Before you travel next, take a look at Roomer’s deals to see what they’re offering at your destination. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

I plan on traveling more and more often, with the money I save every time. I know I’m not the only one.

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