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    A Visit to Broadway is a Must

    New York is not a destination which is going to be in the slightest bit relaxing if you’re keen on seeing as much as you possibly can. From sightseeing to shopping, cocktails to walking, the Big Apple is probably going to require another holiday afterwards to recover! One of the most iconic parts of this […]
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    Show Time in The Desert!

    If you have never visited Las Vegas before, there really is no better time to head to the desert and enjoy a little craziness! Perfect for a break from normality, a spot of escapism, and basically a spot of total and utter hedonism, Las Vegas really does have it all, including some pretty amazing shows […]
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    Sporting Fun in Melbourne This January

    Tennis fans will be flocking to Melbourne this January, as the annual first Grand Slam of the calendar takes place. Melbourne Park is the venue as usual, and the world’s best players will be descending on the city for two weeks of tennis fun and games. If you’re thinking of visiting Melbourne, now is the […]
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    A Chilled Out City – Welcome to Brisbane

    Most of Australia’s cities are famous in their own right, even if it’s just for one or two things; one city which is certainly famous for its chilled out vibe and laid back atmosphere is Brisbane. The capital of sunny Queensland, Brisbane is a must visit city, a gateway to the attractions of the Gold […]
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    A City By The Beach

    If you’re planning on visiting Sydney, you have plenty of activities on the board to keep you occupied. What are you going to do with your time? There is so much to see and do, it will certainly pay off if you plan a little. One thing you may want to do is spend a […]
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    Have you ever considered a cruise holiday?

    You might have thought about it in the past but been put off it by the high price – the good news? Prices have fallen, popularity has risen, and there are now some seriously amazing itineraries out there, which allow you to see several places all within the space of one holiday. What could be […]
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    Where City and Nature Collide

    Many cities have beautiful surroundings and countryside, but many don’t venture out to explore it. Of course, everything in the city is geared up to keeping you there, packed with entertainment for you to explore, but when surroundings are stunning, you should get out there and see it! Perth is one of those cities which […]
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    How to Spend a Long Layover in an Airport

    It’s an unavoidable part of travel sometimes: long layovers. Unfortunately, we can’t always find the perfect itinerary that take us from point A to point B with minimal layover and in the shortest amount of time. Sooner or later, we are all going to have to spend a handful of hours in an airport or […]
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    The Beauty of Budget Airlines

    The world has become much smaller over recent years, and that is in the main down to the huge success of budget airlines. Nowadays more of us can visit destinations that a few years ago we could only dream of, because lower prices mean more accessibility. This is great news for anyone wanting to see […]
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    Tips for Long Haul Flights

    Long haul international flights can be grueling. You’re exciting to get to the destination, but being strapped into a seat for eight plus hours is not anyones idea of a good time. Here are some tips for making the most of your next long haul flight: Try to snag a whole row of seats. A […]