Mexico has long been a vacation favourite destination, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down! With Aztec ruins, amazing beaches, party mad fun, tranquil destinations, and everything in-between, Mexico is always going to be somewhere that will be high up on the wish list, but Los Cabos vacations in particular are picking up speed.

Los Cabos, Cabo for short, is Mexico’s second biggest and most popular vacation destination, behind infamous Cancun. Whilst the latter has long been known for its spring break madness, Cabo has a more all-rounder kind of vibe, which makes it ideal for every type of visitor; if you want party craziness, you’re sure to find it, if you want relaxation, you can find that too; love golf? You’re sorted. There really is a vibe for everyone.

Cabo is located at the southern portion of the beautiful Baja California Sur, and can be split into three distinct regions, which we will describe in a little more detail shortly. Having picked up tourism speed in the 70s, after the airport was further developed, Cabo is now home to some of the busiest and liveliest nightlife in Mexico, with championship golf courses, fantastic shopping experiences, spas, retreats, top hotels, and outdoor activities. If you love water-sports and sport fishing in particular, Cabo is for you!

In terms of when to visit Cabo, you really can’t pick a bad time. The climate is tropical regardless of the month, so you can expect high temperatures and sunshine! There isn’t a huge amount of humidity to be found, or rain for that matter, but during the months of July to September, you might experience a tiny bit of unsettled weather, particularly if a hurricane is brewing somewhere in the Atlantic. Despite that, it’s bikini and swim short weather!

We mentioned that Cabo has three main areas to it, and these are San Jose del Cabo, Cabo San Lucas, and The Corridor. San Jose del Cabo is the Old Town, and exudes olde-worlde Mexican charm by the bucket-load! This area is close to the airport and easily accessible from the rest of the resort. Cabo San Lucas is party central! This is the part of town where you will find one of the most famous residents of Cabo, El Arco, or The Arch.

If you’re into partying then this section of town is where you need to be. You’ll find clubs, bars, live music, cocktail bars, cafes, restaurants, you name it, you’ll find it! If you want somewhere a little quieter however, but still within easy reach of the nightlife if you want it, then staying at one of the hotels dotted along The Corridor is for you.

This is a stretch of stunning coastal road, which is dotted with golf courses and upmarket hotels. The views from here are simply breath-taking also, so anyone into views, or photography will be in their element in this part of town. Another perk of this region is that you can dib in and out of the louder parts of Cabo if you want to, before returning to peace and serenity when you have had enough!

We mentioned water-sports and Cabo is certainly well known for its varied choice. Sport fishing is iconic in this region, especially between November to February, when conditions are at their optimum levels. You will also find amazing surfing conditions in Cabo, and if you don’t want to try it for yourself, simply kick back and relax, watching the pro and rookie surfers take on the waves!

Not everyone wants to go to party mad Cancun, and whilst Cabo is certainly bright in its nightlife, it lacks the spring break/college feel that Cancun can sometimes have. You will find a range of different accommodation options in Cabo, with various budgets catered for also. The fact that the outdoor life is prevalent in the resort is also fantastic for kicking back and relaxing, shedding off those cares and worries, and of course, grabbing an enviable tan to take back home with you!

Is Cabo a family destination? Of course! The fact that Cabo is lively doesn’t mean that it isn’t suitable for children, because there are many different types of nightlife on offer, as well as the chance to retreat back to your hotel for something a little calmer also. The beaches in Cabo are also sight for the eyes and soul, and El Arco is a natural phenomenon that is a true must visit also. Remember to clear down your camera memory card if you really want to grab some amazing images to remember your time by.

Visiting Mexico overall is a fantastic experience, and whilst the country may have had some bad press in terms of safety over the years, resorts such as Cabo and Cancun are much more protected, because they do not require you to travel long distances over land, and they are located very close to airports. The tourism set up is also a huge safety net, and that means you can enjoy your time in Mexico without worrying about any potential issues – remember that every country has potential safety concerns, and it’s abut heeding warnings in order to remain safe, but still see the wonder of the area you’re dreaming of visiting!

So, is Cabo on your short list for your next vacation? This ever-sunny resort is certainly somewhere for everyone to enjoy, and with a huge list of activities on offer, you certainly won’t be bored!

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