The water has a calming effect, don’t you find? Maybe this is why most of the world’s most beautiful destinations seem to be very close to water, and it’s here you find that laid-back, chilled-out vibe that holidaymakers love so much. The chance to kick back and relax on a stunning beach, taking in your glittering surroundings, really is a holiday experience we all strive for, and why not? We save up hard enough for our travels!

If you spend your time simply looking at the water however, you’re missing out, because there is much fun and adventure to be had by experiencing the open water, and many ways you can enjoy it!

You don’t have to be a proficient swimmer to enjoy the ocean, you can simply float on top of it, via a boat, instead of swimming underneath it!

Scuba diving

For anyone wanting to visit the underwater residents of the ocean, this is the perfect way to get up close and personal. You can take a PADI dive course in most popular tourist destinations, and in some places you don’t even have to go too far out into the open water to get a glimpse of what lies beneath. The right equipment will take you far, and you can choose day dives or, if you’re at advanced level, night dives, to get a really different and earie view on the local marine-life.


I’ve always thought that surfing looks like it shouldn’t be possible; standing on water in effect, but it is very possible, and a lot of fun! Find a destination that offers beginner waves and you can learn in safety with your instructor showing you the ropes, before moving onto more open and bigger waves as you become more advanced. Surfing is a fun way to experience the water, because you’ll probably spend just as much time in the water as surfing on top of it!

Deep sea fishing

You will find fishing trips in most destinations, or you could even charter your own boat. The chance to get far out to sea on a fishing expedition is great fun, as the weird and wonderful live far out in open water! Get competitive, grab a tan, or simply watch whilst your friends and loved ones do the fishing – the choice is yours, but the scenery from far out at sea, checking out the coastline as it appears and disappears, is simply stunning.


Again, you can head off on an organised trip or if you know a thing or two about sailing, you can hire a boat, but sailing is probably the number one most relaxed way to see the open water and enjoy the sun beating down. The Persian Gulf is a beautiful place to check out the open sea as you make your way around the coastline, catching a golden tan, and lapping up a spot of luxury. Is there a better way to spend your day in nature?


Jet-skiing is synonymous with enjoying summer holidays in fun destinations, as this is the one form of open water fun that is available probably everywhere. You and your friend, or maybe yourself alone, enjoy speeding around the water, bumping over incoming waves, and laughing as the spray hits you in the face – it’s summer fun in a perfect description, and a great, fun-filled way to enjoy the open water.

Some like land-based activities, some like ocean-based, but for me, it would always be the water doing the calling.

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