If you like to experience the place you’re visiting on holiday, and by that I mean truly experience the culture and way of life, then you have to immerse yourself into your destination fully. It can be difficult to do that when you’re away on a package holiday or similar kind of break, when it seems to be westernised to the max, with burgers and chips for dinner, and waterparks for excursions, but you will still be able to explore a little, if you put on your brave hat.

Getting out and about is rewarding to say the least, and then you can say you’ve truly visited a place. Whilst exploring does cost a little more money than chilling by your all inclusive pool all day, it’s possible to save money before you leave the house, which means you have more to spend whilst you’re away. How? Well looking at grabbing the cheapest flight possible is a good starting point, as well as being choosey with your accommodation, but I always find looking at how you get to the airport is a real money saver too.

We all know that public transport is increasing in cost as the years go on, and I find that trains and coaches not only cost me more, but also add extra time and stress to my travel day. The answer? Drive yourself!

I much prefer to have the control in my hands, so I book my parking space with Airparks and I’m safe in the knowledge that I can take my time getting to the airport, and money will remain in my pocket too. I regularly use airport parking for convenience and you’ll find this service on offer at most large UK airports.

When it comes to saving money, you don’t have to make massive savings, just a few savings here and there will really mount, and it’s really a case of being a little clever with what you book. Whatever you do save, put it towards your holiday enjoyment, and get researching the things you can see and do around your resort, as well as in it.

I know that most Mediterranean holiday resorts tend to focus on the beach and the pool, but you only have to travel a few miles into the countryside and you’ll see a totally different way of life, truly authentic. This is where you’ll experience the culture of the place you’re visiting, and if you can learn a few words and phrases of the language before you go, even just ‘hello’, ‘please’, ‘thank you’, you’ll find you get a lot more out of the experience too. You’re usually never too far away from ancient ruins, places of beauty and cultural significance, and there will no doubt be excursions to these places too. You don’t have to be backpacking to see places, you can do it in a more controlled way using excursions – it’s all case of picking wisely where you go.

Make it your mission this summer to explore your destination a little more.

Photo Credit: Airparks CXardiff via photopin (license)

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