At some point in life, most of us crave an adventure; something which is going to take us out of the humdrum of daily life, and give us experiences and memories to last for the rest of our days. Whilst most of us simply decide to book a vacation somewhere different, or perhaps decide to skydive, there are many who take it a step further, and do something truly epic.

Have you ever wanted to climb Kilimanjaro?

Yes, it is entirely possible! Provided you plan your trip accordingly, you do your research, you keep your wits about you, and you ensure you are of the right level of health and fitness, there is no reason why you can’t join that elite group of climbers.

There are many things to bear in mind, and that is why it is vital to ensure you do your planning correctly. For starters, you will ned to think about packing, you will need to think about health issues, you will need tothink about passports and visas.

To visit Tanzania, most people can simply purchase a visa on arrival at the airport, but that does depends on which country you come from. In order to find out up to date information, simply head online to your consulate website, to find out your particular requirements. Whatever your country of origin, you will need at least six months left on yourcurrent passport, after the date you intend to return home.

Kilimanjaro should not be underestimated. This dormant volcano stands at a huge 5895 metres high. At times it can be pleasant, at other times it can be unforgiving; Kilimanjaro is a beast, but once you reach the summit, the feeling is probably one of the best you will experience in your life. There is also a small wooden box at the summit, where climbers leave notes for others – not many people know that!

There are two main routes to choose from, and you need to research each to find out which is the best for you. The routes are called the Machame Route, and the Lemosho Route. Each is as fulfilling as the other, and it is personal choice which you opt for.

So, if you are reading this and thinking that you have found your ideal adventure, something to take you away from humdrum and to give you memories to last a lifetime, get planning! Climbing Kilimanjaro is about the planning, as much as it is about the actual climbing.

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