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  • Las Vegas

    Why Travel to Las Vegas?

    Famous for being indisputably one of the most visited and well known holiday destinations in the world, Las Vegas is a must visit for any holiday maker. Whether you’re searching for the hot weather and glorious sunshine, to try your luck in the casinos, or to even splash some cash in the shops, Vegas has […]
  • rstrasseroth

    5 Romantic Drives

    Top 5 Romantic Drives to Share with Your Loved One Whether you’re a fresh couple looking for your first adventures together or you and your significant other are looking for ways to rekindle your love, a dreamy road drip can be a fantastic idea. Make your car trip-ready, check your car excess insurance policy, and […]
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    Games of the World: Using Your Mobile to Pick Up a New Pastime

    “iPhone” (CC BY 2.0) by  vreimunde  Picture the scene, you’re travelling around the world and you’re looking for something to do in between sightseeing trips. Regardless of which country or continent you’re in, games will play a major role in the fabric of the society around you. Ranging from the simple to the complex, these games are a […]
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    A Foodie’s Dream: Welcome to Bangkok!

    Asia is packed with wonderful sights to explore, but it is the culture that makes it stand out above and beyond many other destinations. We know that Thailand is one of the most popular countries to visit in this region, if not the world, and there are many reasons for this, not least the vibrant […]
  • 2407785069_007bb1eb1f_b

    Crib Options When Travelling with an Infant

    When you’re travelling with children, you have a lot more to think about than if you were travelling simply on your own, with friends, or with a partner. When you take a child out of their routine, i.e. into surroundings they’re not familiar with, they can either love it, or become a little grouchy. If […]
  • 6085252124_3e248dee04_b

    There is Extreme Beauty in Drama

    Welcome to New Zealand If you are looking for a destination which is beautiful and rugged, dramatic and peaceful, and is packed with activities and attractions to enjoy, then look no further than New Zealand. Known the world over for backpacking, adrenaline sports, and the Lord of the Rings, this beautiful country is so much […]
  • 6685384395_d4dc5b2e16_o

    Origins and History of Chardonnay Wine

    If you like white wine, chances are that Chardonnay is on your list of favourite wines, because it is an easy wine that is suited to many different types of food pairings. It is also one of the world’s most important wine producing grapes with more than 30 different varieties of the Chardonnay producing grape […]
  • 3

    Roomer is recycling hotels rooms and bringing you hotel deals like never before

    Recycling is not a word often used in relation to hotel reservations. Unless you’re talking about the paper it was printed on, it seems like entirely irrelevant. But the hotel industry has been learning that it’s a concept that can save them a lot of money. Hotel reservations are cancelled by the minute. It happens […]
  • florida

    Is Florida now More Affordable?  

    There aren’t many people to whom Florida doesn’t appeal, and over recent years those people who have dreamed of heading to the Sunshine State may have had to put their dreams on hold simply for financial reasons. The good news is that flights in general have come down in price over the last few years, […]
  • Edinburgh

    From the Fringe to the World: 2 Unusual Destinations from Edinburgh Airport  

    Every year in August, Edinburgh’s world-famous Fringe Festival unleashes a storm of madness over the city. It’s a yearly celebration of the weird and the hilarious, a bunch of sleepless nights mixed with a little drinking here and there. For all Edinburgh residents though it can quickly become stressful: having to fight against swarms of […]